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What is Basic Beauty Box?

Basic Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription service which delivers your favourite toiletries straight to your door. Every other month, customers can log on and choose what products they would like to be included in their BBB.  

How much does a BBB subscription cost?

There are 2 subscription options:

  • Bi-monthly - £9.99

  • 6 month pre-paid - £24.00

Do I have to order my BBB every month?

The bi-monthly subscription is renewed automatically every other month (on the 30th) until you cancel. You must cancel by the 18th of the month should you not wish to receive any further boxes.

For 6 month subscriptions, you pay in advance and your subscription will automatically renew after this time unless you decide to cancel. You must cancel by the 21st date of the final box month should you not wish for your 6 month plan to renew. If you cancel too late, your subscription will renew and the cancellation will only take effect once you have finished your next set of boxes.

Please note that orders in progress cannot be cancelled.

What happens when I subscribe?

When you complete checkout, you will receive an email in the next 24 hours, inviting you to choose your products. 

How do I choose my products?

The process to choose your beauty basics couldn't be more simple! Every month you'll be sent an email with a link inviting you to choose your monthly toiletries. All you have to do is fill out your name, choose your three or four products and then sit back and watch as your box arrives.

How do I unsubscribe or amend my subscription?

We would hate to see you go, but if you would like to stop receiving a basic beauty box, please click here and log into your account to cancel. Alternatively please email us and we can do this for you. Please also follow these steps if you would like to change your subscription.



How much is postage and packaging?

P&P is included in the price of the box. 

Do you ship outside the UK?

Unfortunately we do not deliver outside the UK just yet. 


How do I update my payment method?

If you would like to update your payment method, please email us at basicbeautybox@gmail.com. Payment methods include Paypal, Amex, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

When is my next payment due?

For a bi-monthly subscription, payment for your first box will be taken straightaway when you sign up. After this, payments are typically taken on or around the last day of the month.

For a fixed-term subscription, the full-amount for a 6 month plan is taken right away when you sign up.